Shadow of his wings ministries church was started in Feb 2006 as a house church ministering to the souls who were saved & baptized through our ministry.

By may 2006 we had grown to fill the house where we worshiped, so we moved to a hall that could accommodate about 80 people. In april2010 finiding that we had reached maximum capacity and having to move from the premises, we began a journey of great we preserved through all these tribulations as a church god  brought us into our present premisis that we share with the Derek prince ministries-india office. The focus of our church is to train belivers (with the special focus on youth) In various aspects of ,ministry. The ministry  of jesus was never a “one-man show” it was a team effort as was the early apostolic ministry following it. Therefore we conduct intensive ministry training programs and encourage church members to try it out by taking them to village outreach(which is really where our heart is)and assigining them to a particular children’s ministry group and so on.

Our desire is also to awaken Christians to prepare themselves for the impending return in these end times. We are a church that loves to do this through praise & worship. Our desire is to see belivers grow in the solid teaching of the word of god

-to focus upon all of its aspects especially it’s life changing power that is so lacking in many a Christian character today .

We want to see the Christians that worship in spirit and truth come together  in unity, preparing themselves as the bridge of the soon coming king, teaching the army of god to stand against the enemy powers of satan’s kingdom of darkness and taking victory in jesus name. come! Join us! Be a part of what god is doing in us for the glory of his mighty name ! god bless you.